The Best Spinach-Paneer bhurji potli with mango salsa Recipe – Easiest Way to Prepare Tasty Spinach-Paneer bhurji potli with mango salsa

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Spinach-Paneer bhurji potli with mango salsa Recipe. Paneer Bhurji – scrambled Indian cottage cheese with onion, tomatoes and spices. Goes well with Indian breads like paratha or on top of toast! Paneer bhurji pairs well with flat breads like roti and paratha.

Spinach-Paneer bhurji potli with mango salsa The spinach salad is served with a refreshing sweet and sour vinaigrette, sweet mango slices, and toasted pine nuts. The original recipe uses cider vinegar, white wine vinegar, and a lot of sugar. I wanted an Asian style dressing to go with the mango, so I chose a mild vinegar – rice vinegar. You can have Spinach-Paneer bhurji potli with mango salsa using 29 ingredients and 12 steps. Here is how you cook that. The Best Spinach-Paneer bhurji potli with mango salsa Recipe – Recipe: Tasty Spinach-Paneer bhurji potli with mango salsa

Ingredients of Spinach-Paneer bhurji potli with mango salsa Recipe

  1. It’s of For potli.
  2. Prepare 200gm of . All-purpose flour (Maida).
  3. Prepare 1tsp. of salt.
  4. Prepare 1tbsp of .butter.
  5. You need as required of Water.
  6. You need of FOR Filling (stuffing).
  7. Prepare 200gm. of paneer.
  8. It’s 1 cup of finely chopped spinach.
  9. You need 1/2 cup of Tomatoes (finely chopped).
  10. Prepare 1/2 cup of parboil corn(can use tinned).
  11. Prepare 1tsp.oil + 1 tsp of .butter.
  12. Prepare 1tsp. of cumin seeds.
  13. You need 1tbsp of .ginger(chopped).
  14. Prepare 1 of green chilli(chopped).
  15. You need 1/4tsp. of Turmeric.
  16. It’s 1/2 tsp. of Kashmiri red chilli powder.
  17. You need 1 tsp. of Coriander-jeera powder.
  18. Prepare 1 tsp. of Garam masala.
  19. Prepare of FOR Mango Salsa.
  20. It’s 2tbsp. of Raw Mango (grated).
  21. It’s 1 of small tomato(Roasted, peeled &,chopped).
  22. You need 1/2 of of each Bellpepper Red,green yellow(Roasted,peeled &chopped).
  23. You need 1tbsp. of Ginger paste.
  24. Prepare 1/4tsp. of Onion-Garlic powder.
  25. It’s 1tbsp. of coriander stem(finely chopped).
  26. Prepare 1tsp. of sugar.
  27. It’s 1 tsp. of Red chilli powder.
  28. You need 1/4tsp. of black pepper powder.
  29. It’s as per taste of Salt.

Spinach, paneer Bhurjee / Testy Tiffin Recipe #spinachsabjee #paneerrecipe #paneersabjee #sabjeerecipe #tifiinrecipe #spinachpaneerbhurjee. Add the paneer and gently stir in to coat. Thread the paneer onto metal skewers alternating with pepper and onion, then place on a baking tray Meanwhile, make the salsa by mixing the mango, avocado, mint and remaining lime juice. Heat the rice following pack instructions, if using, and serve.

Spinach-Paneer bhurji potli with mango salsa instructions

  1. In a large bowl add Maida,salt and butter mix all well.The slour should be crumble..
  2. Prepare a stiff dough using water.cover and keep aside for
  3. Heat a pan add oil+butter in the pan and let it heatAdd cumin seeds and let it splatter reduce the flame.
  4. Now add ginger,green chilli, tomato and corn cook it till to tomato soft• Now add spinach stir it 2 min. On higher medium flame.
  5. Add paneer(crumbled),chilli powder, turmeric, coriander-cumin powder, gram masala,salt mix it well and let it cook for 2 min.
  6. Add coriander leaves and give mix.Now take it out in a bowl let it cool.Till then prepare salsa..
  7. For mango salsa take all salsa ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well to serve.
  8. For tie the potli take spring onion string and saute with using of little oil on pan.Now knead the prepared dough and divide into small equal parts.
  9. Dust some flour and roll out thin Roti with the help of rolling pin on kitchen top.
  10. Now place the filling in between and bring all the edges to form a shape of potli.Repeat the same for all potlis.
  11. Deep fry prepared this in hot oil on medium to low flame.Take out once they slightly start changing colour.
  12. On a kitchen paper to observe oil.Now garnish and serve hot potli with Mango salsa and chutney.

Paneer bhurji is a quick and easy recipe to make, made from crumbled paneer simmered in spicy tomato gravy. Paneer bhurji tastes great with roti, paratha, or even with regular bread! This is also makes a good stuffing for dosas or vegetable Frankie rolls. Paneer lazeez paneer kofta paneer tikka masala paneer methi malai paneer mushroom masala paneer bhurji corn bhurji Paneer chilli undhiyo potato sambaria gatia nu saag chana masala vegetable augratin baked spinach with. Potato Paneer Chicken Quinoa Sprouts Fish Spinach Chocolate More.