The Best Oats And Jaggery Pancakes Recipe – Easiest Way to Make Appetizing Oats And Jaggery Pancakes

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Oats And Jaggery Pancakes Recipe. This healthy pancakes recipe comes together in a jiffy and tastes delicious too! There's oat flour, banana, and zero added sugar. ABOUT Oats and jaggery pancake RECIPE.

Oats And Jaggery Pancakes Oats supply energy to your body, it also contains various vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which are required during pregnany and helps in the growth and development of the foetus and it also helps in digestion. Take it out in a bowl and add. My Preparation: Ragi and Oat Pancakes. You can cook Oats And Jaggery Pancakes using 1 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it. The Best Oats And Jaggery Pancakes Recipe – Recipe: Tasty Oats And Jaggery Pancakes

Ingredients of Oats And Jaggery Pancakes Recipe

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However, most of them had wheat or plain flour combined with finger millet. I wanted to make a gluten free option. So decided to add oats flour. Ingredients for the Jaggery Sweet Pancakes.

Oats And Jaggery Pancakes step by step

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Whole Wheat Flour (Since it is an instant recipe, no soaking or grinding is involved) Rice Flour (to add slight crispiness around edges) Jaggery (to be grated, melted and added with the flours) Cardamom Powder or Eliachi powder for the flavour and aroma. Get the benefits of oats and Kerala bananas in this super easy and delicious Banana Oats Pancakes recipe! Perfect for breakfast or a snack. Banana Oats Pancakes are deliciously fluffy and prove to be a very nutritious breakfast when served with milk. The batter of the pancake is made with the ready to use Banana oats pancake mix from My Little Moppet Foods which has the goodness of organic oats.