The Best Fried Potatoes & Chicken Nuggets Recipe – Easiest Way to Prepare Tasty Fried Potatoes & Chicken Nuggets

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Fried Potatoes & Chicken Nuggets Recipe. Fried potatoes are a dish – or component of other dishes, such as Bauernfrühstück – essentially consisting of potatoes which have been fried, or deep-fried, in hot cooking oil. Discover how to fry potatoes and turn them into golden, crispy slices in no time Are you wondering how to fry potatoes in a pan? If you can fry it, we're obviously going to try it.

Fried Potatoes & Chicken Nuggets Fried potato is great side for any. How to Pan-Fry Potatoes Using Raw Potatoes. Any kind of potato will work using this method for cooking fried potatoes. You can cook Fried Potatoes & Chicken Nuggets using 8 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve that. The Best Fried Potatoes & Chicken Nuggets Recipe – Recipe: Yummy Fried Potatoes & Chicken Nuggets

Ingredients of Fried Potatoes & Chicken Nuggets Recipe

  1. It’s 5 of or 6 Potatoes.
  2. Prepare 100 grams of Pancake mix.
  3. You need 1/2 of Egg.
  4. Prepare 60 ml of Milk.
  5. It’s 1 of Oil for deep frying.
  6. It’s 1 of Ketchup.
  7. It’s 1 of Mustard.
  8. Prepare 1 of Chicken nuggets.

If you use potatoes with thicker skin, such as russets, you may want to peel. Simple fried potatoes, with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Just an average recipe for fried potatoes. Think it needs onions and maybe green peppers or more spice to add more flavor.

Fried Potatoes & Chicken Nuggets instructions

  1. Rinse the potatoes well, then chop in half. Put in a heatproof container and microwave. Peel the skin..
  2. Mix all the ingredients for the coating. Dredge the potatoes and deep-fry in 170℃ oil. (If it's too hot, the potatoes will burn before the coating has finished cooking.).
  3. Chop in half, pack in desired bento containers with the chicken nuggets, and serve with mustard and ketchup..
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These delicious skillet-fried potatoes make a fabulous side dish for a hearty breakfast. The potatoes are fried to perfection with onions and peppers. Fried potatoes in its simplest form consist of potatoes that are fried or deep-fried in hot cooking oil. Salt is often added, and other seasonings are also sometimes used. Fried potatoes are not so very different.