The Best Oats And Jaggery Pancakes Recipe – Easiest Way to Prepare Tasty Oats And Jaggery Pancakes

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Oats And Jaggery Pancakes Recipe. Hey everyone i am vaishnavi iyer and cooking is one of my passions! So here's the recipe of my favorite oats and jaggery pancakes which will satisfy your. Oats Solve the Pancake Breakfast Crash.

Oats And Jaggery Pancakes Simply combine rolled oats with milk in your mixing bowl and let. Measure oats, whole wheat flour, sugar/Jaggery. Keep it ready, along with other ingredients. You can cook Oats And Jaggery Pancakes using 1 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it. The Best Oats And Jaggery Pancakes Recipe – How to Prepare Tasty Oats And Jaggery Pancakes

Ingredients of Oats And Jaggery Pancakes Recipe

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Dry roast the oats in a pan until a nice aroma comes. Oats Jaggery Cookies flavored with cardamom, cinnamon, nuts and free of refined sugar. These pancakes couldn't be easier to make! Take jaggery in a saucepan and add some water and bring it to a boil Mix well so that the jaggery dissolves in the water.

Oats And Jaggery Pancakes step by step

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Now Heat a tawa and make small pancakes out of it, drizzle oil or ghee around the sides, let it cook for a min. Make delicious, fluffy pancakes from scratch. Brown on both sides and serve hot. Delightfully easy but very tasty Jaggery pancakes which are gluten free. Serve these pancakes straight from the pan onto serving plates.