The Best Chilli cheese garlic toast Recipe – How to Make Yummy Chilli cheese garlic toast

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Chilli cheese garlic toast Recipe. These super delicious and easy to make chilli cheese toast are best for breakfast or as snacks and they are also loved by kids. Here I am using green chilli. For making the toast sandwich in a sandwich maker or grill..cheese toast recipe and i have added garlic and capsicum which suites the indian taste buds. moreover cheddar cheese is used in this recipe but i have used mozzarella cheese. also i have added jalapeno in the place of chilli but completely ignore jalepeno if you do not have it. in addition cheese.

Chilli cheese garlic toast Chilli cheese toast Step by step pictures: Finely chop chilli and coriander leaves. Mining helps to reduce the spice level of chilli in one bite. You can make this with any kind of bread you have. You can have Chilli cheese garlic toast using 6 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook that. The Best Chilli cheese garlic toast Recipe – How to Cook Perfect Chilli cheese garlic toast

Ingredients of Chilli cheese garlic toast Recipe

  1. It’s 2 tsp of Ginger & garlic paste(chopped).
  2. It’s As needed of Chilli flakes.
  3. It’s 1 tbsp of Butter.
  4. You need to taste of Salt.
  5. You need As needed of Bread.
  6. You need Aa needed of Cheese.

I went ahead using a whole meal loaf. This is a very simple garlic bread recipe and you can spice it up with own ideas like using chili flakes, crushed pepper or even. Chilli Cheese Toast Recipe – Ingredients. Nice topping…cheese and chili make delectable combo….

Chilli cheese garlic toast instructions

  1. Mix chopped garlic and green chillies to amul butter, add very little salt mix well and keep aside..
  2. Next take bread slice apply the mixture, spread grated cheese and sprinkle little origami and chilli flakes and toast in OTG or Tawa..

Cheese chilli toast recipe with step by step photos. learn how to make tasty cheese chilli toast on tava and oven with this easy recipe. When making chili cheese toast for toddlers and kids you can skip green chilies and use capsicum. Same way the quantity of cheese can also be adjusted in this recipe. Add the cheeses, egg yolks, salt, chopped chilli, garlic, pepper and chopped coriander, return to a low heat and cook gently until all the cheese has melted and Heat the grill to maximum. Toast the bread, either under the grill on both sides or in a toaster.